Sri Lanka

A remarkable tropical island with an astonishing diversity – the tiny island stands out BIG in the tourist map of the world. Traces of pre historic civilizations, Recorded history of over 3000 years, Colossal ancient monuments from advanced civilizations, 8 UNESCO world Heritage sites, a rich culture developed over the years, nature & wild life that is remarkable for an Island of this size, Population full of hospitality and friendly smiles bundled up and wrapped around by pristine and breathtaking beaches of the island truly gives a meaning to the word Tropical Paradise.

With a land area of 65812 SQ Km with a warm tropical year round temperature and uniquely located hilly areas with cold climate year around – the islands weather zones includes a wet zone, a dry zone and an intermediary zone giving it a mixture of habitat types that supports various kinds of fauna and flora. Being one of the top 20 bio diversity hotspots in the world with high endemism of fauna and flora the island consist of 57 national parks, wild life reserves and sanctuaries. Sinharaja rain forest, one of the best tropical rain forest areas in the world and the Central Highlands with its unique forest cover are both declared and protected as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Mahawannsa the book that’s written on the history of this island tells of the advanced civilization that existed, the remains of colossal monuments and constructions stands evidence till date of the planning and urban development skills possessed by them, with advance irrigation systems and man-made reservoirs that provided the bloodline – the most important water for an agriculture based society proving what’s written on the book is true. Five of these historical locations were named UNESCO world heritage sites and protected owing to the archeological value the locations.

Being strategically located in one of the world’s oldest and important shipping routes that linked the East and the West, the Island has been visited by many passing by and has been one of the most important trading stops for gems, spices and ivory. Historical records indicates of Arabian Traders, Chinese and many other nationals visiting the island. The most recent visitors the Europeans invaded the Island and occupied it for nearly 400 years leaving legacies of their rule. Galle Dutch Fort – a UNESCO world heritage site is being one of them. Its s true paradise worth your visit…….