Being a tropical island surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian ocean, fishing has been a livelihood of the many coastal dwellers of the island. The verities of their catch ranges from small Trenched Sardinellas to large Tunas and sail fish. Barracudas and many other game fish are a common site and there are watersports centers that provides custom built fishing vessels and equipment to those fishing enthusiasts. Inland fishing is also gaining popularity but it’s the deep sea fishing that has taken over the lime light…

Luxury Camping

Camping is not always experiencing basic living, now the concept of luxury camping is fast catching up, with air-conditioned tents, proper toilets with running hot and cold water, a seven course sit down dinner under the trees at the wild, sipping a Champaign looking at the sunset and sitting out near a camp fire to end the day with a feeling of luxury is the ultimate camping experience that one could get. The island being blessed with such a huge diversity of wild life, camping is the best and most ideal way to experience the true beauty of the nature….

Whale and dolphin watching

Located close to one of the main whale migratory routes and being in the international whaling commissions protected zone, the island offers some of the best locations for sighting these gentle giants from sperm whales to Blu whales and the number of sightings compared to the other parts of the world is making the tiny island nation one of the hot spots for whale watching in the world. Schools of dolphins can be seen racing with the boats giving those the pleasure of seeing the playful dolphins also at the same time….

Jeep Safaris

Close to 58 national parks, reserves and sanctuaries, a jeep safari at a park is a must while on tour to Sri Lanka. Yala, Udawalawa, Minneriya and Willpattu are the more popular and sighting wild elephants is very common and sometimes with herds of over hundreds at one time. While to spot a leopard the country offers the best chance in the world as the Yala and Wilpattu has the recorded highest leopard density in the world.

Bird watching

Having many species of endemic birds the island is one of the best locations for bird watching, the compact size of the island is ideal as the travel times are considerably less from one geo climatic zone to another thus providing a good opportunity to see a completely different species at a completely different environment which is very rare at any part of the world. Being one of the top 20 bio diversity hotspots in the world the island provides the much needed habitats for bird life to flourish and the isolation created of being an island has created many unique endemic species making it a must a visit if to see these magnificent endemic bird species of Sri Lanka along with many other species that are commonly found at any part of the world…..

Handicrafts & spices

With a rich history age old traditions are kept alive and handicrafts is one identity of this richness, with woodwork to brass, lace work and fabrics, all these carries a truly Sri Lankan touch to it and is an ideal gift or a souvenir to take home. The country produces some of the best spices in the world and has been a major hub for spices for centuries…

Gem and Jewelry

The island is known to unearth some of the best precious stones in the world, mostly known for the blue sapphires these high quality stones are priced very competitively and anyone visiting the island can always get their hand on some jewelry made using these stones with international warranties and money back guarantees from some of the more known vendors…